geocreate is a GIS and data analysis consultancy with 13 years experience in using geography to maximise the value of data.

Practically all business data contains a geographic or location element, therefore spatial analysis can meet a wide variety of needs.

We have particular experience in GIS and the understanding and use of administrative data and record linkage techniques, and we firmly believe that any organisation can benefit from our services, in the public, private or third sectors.

geocreate applies the benefits of spatial analysis to create new and better ways of understanding your data and customers and informing your business decisions more accurately.

geocreate offers reliable, competitive and flexible services to meet your decision-making needs.

Our services


geocreate has expertise in the following areas:


    • geo-referencing
    • mapping and data visualisation
    • GIS

    Data management:

    • secure data handling
    • data linkage
    • database management

    Administrative resources:

    • administrative data analysis
    • population estimation and profiling
    • household and high resolution analysis 

    And more – we can assist you in any stage of your project by taking a flexible approach to meeting your needs and providing customised solutions.